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Monthly Bookkeeping
Monthly bookkeeping for small business owners in Davis, CA.
Are you sick of being behind?  Are you tired of wondering how much your business is making or spending?  Do you feel like your finances are a mess? Well our custom monthly Bookkeeping packages are all about educating and empowering you.  We'll "show you the money" and keep you on track and organized to meet your business goals. Our monthly services include digitization of statements and receipts so you can access your financial information securely anytime and anwhere.  You'll also have access to your financial data and the knowledge to be able to run current and accurate reports from wherever you are.
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Financial Coaching
Financial coaching for small businesses in Davis, CA.
When you hire Likes Accounting Company you are getting more than just accounting services, you're get dedicated accounting professionals to join your team.  Professionals who know and understand your business and are on your side.... cheering you on.... guiding and supporting you... while you meet and exceed your business goals and make your financial dreams come true.
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Bookkeeping Training
Online bookkeeping and accounting training for small business owners.
If you're more of the DIY type this service is for you.   We hold workshops and classes regularly showing you how to do everything we do yourself at a fraction of the price.  We'll share with you all of our best practices and show you how to do your own bookkeeping in just 1-2 hours per month.  We feel pretty strongly that every small business owner should do their own bookkeeping for at least a little while because it's how you get a handle on your business expenses and cash flow.  But it doesn't have to be scary anymore because we're here to show you the way step-by-step no accounting experience required.
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I have an MBA but even still, I never knew how hard it would be to get proper bookkeeping in order for my business. This course teaches you money-saving strategies that you can apply to your bookkeeping to help your business run as profitably as possible. This course is a must take for all business owners who like keeping money in their pockets and paying themselves nice profits at the end of the day. 
Vanessa E.
Founder/Creator of Marketing Simplified
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