Likes Accounting Company is a highly trusted accounting firm providing quality payroll, bookkeeping, consulting, and tax services to small businesses in Yolo County.

Whether you are starting your business, growing your business, or maintaining your market share, we’re here to empower and inspire you. So, you can make the best possible financial decisions for your business with confidence. 


  1. Ellen Bane
    Ellen Bane
  1. Sean King
    Sean King
  1. Meaghan Likes, CPA
    Meaghan Likes, CPA
  1. Richard Mann
    Richard Mann
  1. Ollie Likes
    Ollie Likes
  1. Ajia Sugahara
    Ajia Sugahara
  1. Hobo Weeks
    Hobo Weeks
  1. Joelah Weeks
    Joelah Weeks

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